56,000 New Chances for Canadian International Students Despite the Coronavirus Pandemic

Inarguably, the coronavirus pandemic had held the recent immigration proceedings in a gridlock-not just in Canada but also across the globe. Nevertheless, the Immigration Refugees and Citizen Canada (IRCC) have been in the forefront in finding ways to keep things on the trail. The latest international student update held via webinar signified a great degree of success. Marco Mendicino revealed that Canada has successfully issued 56000 stage one approvals for study permit applications on this update. With Health Canada in the front line, the federal government collaborates with the Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs). They aim to identify safe and feasible methods to admit international students to their campuses physically

What are the are DLIs?

DLIs encompasses the colleges, universities, and other learning institutions approved by the federal and provincial government to admit international students. Each of these Designated Learning Institutions must comply with the laid out public health requirements in their provinces and location territories. During the update, Mendicino appreciated that Minister Patty Hajdu is on constant follow up to ensure that no DLI lags in implementing these regulations. The requirements and regulations aim to protect Canadian international student’s health and safety. The DLIs have repeatedly expressed their interests in welcoming international students to their institutions in the face of the pandemic. Unfortunately, traveling to Canada has been impossible for international students owing to the imposed travel restrictions in and out of the country

Safety Comes First

Health Canada, provinces, territories, and DLIs evaluate safety measures required to keep international students safe. The plans underway involve the most viable quarantine and social distancing approaches. Despite the skyrocket in Canada’s coronavirus cases, provinces and territories continue to set out strict social-distancing measures to combat its spread. Furthermore, most travelers are compelled to a mandatory fourteen-day quarantine period to confirm that they are disease-free