The cheapest and easiest Canadian university

Before we get to know the cheapest Canadian universities,

Let's stop for a while with a question that has long been posed.
 Why are Canadian universities and colleges so popular with international students?
Well, the reason Canada is a popular destination for foreign students is because
 they are attracted to high ratings in Canadian universities and colleges.

Universities like the University of Toronto, McMaster University,
 and the University of British Columbia, compete with the most prestigious 
universities in Britain.

Canada's education system is also very excellent, but it is cheaper compared
 to its counterparts in other developed countries such as the United States of America
 and the United Kingdom.
Here is a list of the cheapest and easiest universities
 to accept in Canada:
 Brandon University
Brandon University was founded in 1889,
It is one of the cheapest Canadian universities with both low tuition fees
Arts, sciences, education, music, and nursing. Brandon University currently has
 3,000 undergraduate students, and you can become one of them too!
 Canadian Mennonite University
This university is a relatively young university, founded in 1999.
 It was created by merging three different universities 
to create a larger university.
This university offers strong programs in business administration,
 business, fine art, and theology. It also has many sports programs such as soccer,
 basketball, and volleyball. Canadian University of Mennonite is on the list of
 the cheapest Canadian universities and colleges for university study and masters 
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Memorial University of Newfoundland is the relatively easier Canadian university 
to accept, with an admission rate of 66.8%. This university is especially popular
 for international students as it is from the cheapest university in Canada.
 Its departments to study education, geology, and medical study in Canada 
 are considered one of the best in this country.
Simon Fraser University
Simon Fraser University is a colossal institution located in British 
Columbia Canada. This institution has many different universities like 
those in Vancouver, other than the main campus. Although Simon Fraser
 University is often featured by the University of British Columbia,
  it is still an excellent Canadian university and has a strong curriculum.
University of Prince Edward Island
Prince Edward Island University is one of the cheapest universities in Canada
for international students. Its beautiful campus spans about 130 acres 
of land. Students who study at this university can study in various
 departments including: veterinary medicine, chemistry, and physics.