Immigration and work to Austria 2023


Required conditions after obtaining a contract of employment in Austria

1. You must get at least 55 points to be eligible for Austria Visa.

2. You must have a fixed means of livelihood in Austria.

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Disadvantages of asylum in Austria

The minimum requirement for proof of living is € 933 for one person.

If there are children, the person will be asked to provide a living proof of € 144 per month per child.

This amount is not fixed and is linked to Austria's immigration procedures 2019 but it is a variable amount with rising wages and living costs in Austria.

This means that this amount will increase over time as the cost of living in Austria rises, but in return the wages of work in Austria rise.

3 - Providing health insurance, but in the case of obtaining a work contract in Austria, the employment contract includes insurance.

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4 reasons for refusing asylum in Austria

However, you should contact your employer on this point. You may need health insurance when applying for an Austrian visa.

4. A lease in Austria. You must provide a document proving that you own a lease in Austria.

If you intend to migrate to Austria 2019 with your family, the accommodation in Austria must be suitable and in line with the number of family members.

The free accommodation card is not accepted at the Austrian Embassy. It is a cancellation card without notice unlike the lease contract guaranteed by law.

More information

You can find out more information about the available immigration programs, including of course Austria Job Search Visa 2019 and the required papers through:

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Calculate migration points to Austria
Depending on which Austrian immigration program you will choose, you can find out how many points you need for the immigration program of your choice.

For example, in the main labor migration program we are talking about today, at least 55 points should be obtained.

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Austria Migration Program for Key Workers

In other programs, such as Austria's highly qualified Skilled Labor Immigration Program, which allows people to live and work in Austria for three years.

Applicants must obtain at least 70 points in order to obtain a visa.