Immigration to Denmark 2023

 How to obtain a travel visa to Denmark

To apply for a visa to Denmark, it is through the Danish consulate in your country. And you get from Denmark, it is conditional on the duration.

Entry visa to Denmark, for work

It does not exceed three months when it is granted to you in the first time.

It does not give you the right to work in Denmark.

The visa is valid for the entire Schengen area.

Immigration to Denmark 2020, in order to work in Denmark, you are coming from a country that is not a member of the European Union, you must request to obtain a permit before entering Denmark from the consulate in your country.

The residence permit for work in Denmark, which you have received an offer, must be from the recognized institutions, which are in need of foreign labor and are a list of work areas. The Danish site through which you can see the information about these operations

Entry visa to Denmark, tourist

Citizens are granted entry visas to Denmark, with the aim of tourism and exploring the landscape of Denmark, and the application file consists of the following documents that are submitted to the headquarters of the consulate in your country.

A passport-sized photo. The passport must be valid, with a completely blank page in it

 Visa and residency applicants must prove that the person has enough money to cover the period of his stay in Denmark through bank documents provided by his country.

 All costs for the Denmark visa fee must be paid.

 The application must be signed by mail extracted from the site, and the personal address written on it by the owner.

Conditions for applying for humanitarian asylum to Denmark, for the Arabs

The Danish government sets several conditions and requirements in order to obtain an asylum application in Denmark, and how to request asylum in Denmark, so that it is accepted within the following scope:

The person must be at risk in his country; Whether this threat of death or imprisonment.

The person must have been tortured or intimidated in your country.

The person must be subject to persecution; His political or religious affiliations, or your affiliation with political parties or groups opposed to the regimes in his country.

The person requesting his country must be in a state of war, political instability, or civil and ethnic conflicts.

Steps for applying for asylum to Denmark, and obtaining an entry visa to Denmark

You must receive your asylum application itself; In a police station in Denmark, where he is directed to Sandholm camp in the capital, Copenhagen.

The person must prepare an application; Through it, you make it clear that you are a citizen, or that your country is exposed to conflicts and civil wars, or that you are persecuted.

 The application must be submitted by the applicant at the Danish Immigration Service in your country.

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Procedures for studying an asylum application in Denmark

Work is to study your forms, together to search and investigate what came in them in order to find out whether you are entitled to obtain approval either, not by the Danish authorities.

 The date of the meeting is set for you in order for an interview.

The interview takes place in the form of a discussion, in order to investigate with you the reason for your asylum application.

 Approving the application may take some time, so do not worry. The approval of the asylum application depends largely on this interview. Answer your questions with confidence.

 In the event that your request is rejected, this decision can be appealed, as there is a so-called Appeal Authority for Refugee Cases, all you have to do is submit a request to this body and it will assign a lawyer to defend you for free.

 If the appeal is accepted, you will be granted residence, and a visa to Denmark.

 If the appeal is rejected, you must leave Denmark.

 A second appeal may not be submitted.

Avoid being rejected for asylum in Denmark

Asylum seekers must have strong and convincing arguments to be requested.

 Avoid lying while interrogating you, with the Danish Immigration Service.

 Carry all evidence that you have been imprisoned, tortured or threatened.

 Learn the Danish language.

 Take with you proof that you have these qualifications, certificates, and higher education, and submit it to the investigator.